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Media Relations

Media relations is 1-part media, 1-part relations.  It's understanding the media as a medium to reach your audience.  And it's creating and maintaining relationships with the media to cooperatively produce the best possible story.

We've developed stories in the media for retail, hospitality, entertainment, politics, labor relations, tech trends, healthcare and more.  These stories have been seen or heard by tens of millions of people, including in all Chicagoland media as well as:

USA Today | The Associated Press | The Travel Channel | Food Network | The Steve Harvey Show | HuffPo | Midwest Living | The Golf Channel | Men's Health | Daily Candy | FOX Business News | AOL Travel | and many more...


Advertising options for businesses evolve quickly.  From digital to broadcast (and yes, even print -- still!), developing a strategy that fits your business requires attention to detail, understanding limits, measuring attribution, leveraging endorsements, developing customer profiles, testing content, amplifying engagement and more.

We have proven partnerships with media sellers who know us to make savvy and cost-effective investments on behalf of our clients.  And we partner with niche experts to continually stay at the forefront of delivering content to customers that will grow your business.

Integrated Marketing

Your business is an operation.  If great marketing ideas can't function within the operation, they are useless.  This usually requires finding the minimal level of simplicity to deliver on the customer experience that you desire -- and that your team will champion.  What is new?  What is fitting?

Integrated marketing also means integrating your communications into your operation.  We call this: being your own publisher.  From customer newsletters to employee events.  From stakeholder presentations to community collaborations.  We look for opportunities within your existing network to energize interest and participation in your story.

Social Media

Love it or hate it, social media is a substantial factor in the modern marketplace.  Good social consistently engages and grows your audience.  Great social transcends the platform and drives sales.  

As technologies and user habits change, a central question remains: can social media help achieve your business goals?  From creating and maintaining relationships, to celebrating common interests, to expanding awareness, there's a different social strategy to fit your goals, budgets and operation.

Event Production

If you don't think events are a method of communication, try to tell a story that doesn't take place anywhere and in which nothing happens.  An event is an opportunity to connect with your audience in real-time, and with lasting impressions (as is the nature of experience).

And events come in all shapes and sizes: marquee sales days, employee picnics, press conferences, fundraisers, competitions, performances, panel discussions, networking, fashion shows, customer parties, auctions and so many, many more.

From concept, to budget, to operations: we take a comprehensive view to make your events an effective part of your marketing and communications strategy.

Creative Services

Graphic design.  Photography.  Video editing.  Stop motion illustrations.  Animation.  Voice over.  Copywriting.  To get from the idea in your head to finished product requires an act of translation.  How well can you explain your vision?  How comfortable are you letting other creative influences into the process?  Do you know the limits of technology and resources well enough to create what's possible?  Can you iterate for cost-effectiveness?

We work with a network of creative experts to bring your ideas into the marketplace, because our expertise is in the translation and managed production of the collateral you want your audience to see and hear.

So what's with the horse?  We created a public art campaigned called Horses of Honor to raise money for the families of fallen police officers.  But was it an event, a PR effort, social media engagement, advertising, or some creative integration of a broader marketing initiative?  

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